What is a SAHO Enclosure?

Our Stand-Alone Hotspot Outdoor Enclosure is a customisable modular Enclosure solution, that gives you the ability to deploy your Helium Hotspot anywhere you need it to be, free from cables, wifi connection or power source.

the SAHO Enclosure  is also actively climatized. As in our early testings we found out that closed enclosures with no forced ventilation could destroy your hotspot’s electronics.

The SAHO Enclosure gets even more powerful with our SMARTBOX add-on, for 4G connectivity and Remote Sensor Monitoring.

How does the SAHO Enclosure connects online?

With no wifi or ethernet cabled near by, you need a 4G/5G GSM modem/router for online connectivity.
You can install your own 4G router (SAHO comes connection-ready for it), or even better:
You upgrade your enclosure by purchasing our SMARTBOX.


What is the 4G SMARTBOX?

The SMARTBOX is a great add-on to your SAHO Enclosure. It works not only as a 4G router to connect your Helium Hotspot to the internet, but also as a Sensor Array, so you can remote monitor all aspects of your SAHO Enclosure, thru a mobile app.  You can monitor : Temperature, Humidity, Battery Power, Impact Sensor, Open Door sensor, alarm.. all the features you our client has requested from our product. If you purchase it with your SAHO enclosure, your 4G SMARTBOX  comes pre-instaled and pre-configured inside your enclosure.

You can also purchase our SMARTBOX and install it in your own Enclosure. That way you can have 4G connectivity and Sensor Monitoring on your old enclosure.

Is my SAHO climatized even without the SMARTBOX add-on?

Yes it is. The SMARTBOX does control the climatization of your enclosure, and its monitoring.

But If you choose not to add the SMARTBOX option, your SAHO enclosure still comes with a simpler temperature controlled fan. But you wont be able to monitor it remotely.


Why do you need me to let you know what Hotspot I have?

Different Helium Hotspots have different power specs and connectors, and different antenna connectors. So, when configuring your SAHO Enclosure, you need to select what kind of hotspot you have, so we can supply you with the correct power and antenna connectors inside your SAHO Enclosure.


What battery / solar power options should I choose?

With so many options to choose from, it may get overwhelming to know what version of SAHO Enclosure should I get.
If you live in a relatively sunny location, the 44 Ah battery – 50W solar panel combo should work great for you.

Do I need a bigger battery, or a bigger solar panel?
Battery size: is about how many days without sun can the battery hold.
Solar Panel size: is about how quickly can it charge the battery in those short times the sun is out.

The Solar power / wind power combo, lets you charge the battery even at night, all you need is a bit of wind.

The 44Ah should get you power to your hotspot and 4G Router for 2 to 4 days without sun.
The 100 Ah should double that.

You can combine a 44Ah battery with a bigger 100W solar panel if the sun is a little shy in your area. Or can upgrade the battery to 100Ah if you really wanna be on the safe side.

Lead batteries or Lithium batteries?
Lead batteries are cheaper and will last you less than the more expensive Lithium ones. They both to the job. We have both options, you can choose the one that fits your needs and wallet.

Remember: Batteries are very heavy, and the bigger the battery, the higher the shipping costs will be, and we have no control over those. We ship with DHL Express.
On that another note: If you choose one of the Lithium battery options for your setup, the overall system would be lighter, and therefore your would pay less for shipping.

Does SAHO has warranty?

All parts on our SAHO Enclosure have a 1 year warranty, and the batteries have a 6 months warranty. In case of defect or malfunction, will be replaced or repaired after a fault assessment.  Any failure due to improper use or installment will void warranty.

Can I purchase large orders?

For larger orders please contact us directly, so we can best adjust to your custom needs, and get better shipping prices. For large orders contact: orders@bevotech.com

Can i use my own 4G router?

Yes you can. The 4G SMARTBOX is sold separately, and that is what supplies internet connection and sensor array. If you choose not to purchase the 4G SMARTBOX, you can just connect your own 4G router. We even leave a 12V connector inside so you can connect your own router.
But without the 4G SMARTBOX you don’t get the sensor array you can monitor remotely thru a mobile app. Still, the rest of the enclosure functions the same way, and so does the active cooling system.

Why Do I need a SAHO Enclosure?

First of all our SAHO Enclosure protects your hotspot from the elements. Not just from the rain or wind, but with its active Cooling/Heating system, it regulates the temperature inside the Enclosure, so your precious miner is always protected.
If you want to beak free from cables and wifi restrictions, and want to install your miner in the ideal location form maximum profits and connectivity, then you need a SAHO Enclosure.


What are the operation temperatures of the SAHO Enclosure?

Unlike other enclosures, our SAHO enclosure was an active cooling/heating system for maximum protection. We’ve field tested the Enclosure for a range of -20 to 70ºC of outside temperatures with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

With the add-on of the SMARTBOX module, you can also remote monitor the inside temperatures right from a mobile app.

Will it work in my country?

The only part of our enclosure that varies from country to country is the 4G  SMARTBOX frequency.

The 4G SMARTBOX that is shipped with the SAHO enclosure is set accordingly to the country it will be used in. So the US gets a a different 4G SMARTBOX model than a EU country for example. If you are going to use the SAHO Enclosure in a country different that the one on your shipping address please let us know.

What about the "relayed" issue on 4G connections?

Not having a public IP for port forwarding on your router, makes your miner show as “Relayed” in the explorer. That is a common problem when using a 4G connection with your miner.
Should I worry, and get an expensive 4G fixed IP card?
We don’t think so. First of all, when all hotspots turn to light hotspots, there is no difference between “relayed” and not “relayed” hotspots in terms of rewards.
Even right now, the “relayed” hotspots aren’t much different from the “non relayed” ones in terms of rewards. Some of the most profitable hotspots in the network these days are “relayed”, and we think the reason is simple:
With a lot of hotspots getting their reward scale cut, because of so many hotspots are popping up, its harder every day to find a “1” reward scale zone near a city. So what a lot of people do is: they assert their location far from the city, forcing the “relayed” issue (even if they are not using a mobile connection), and still keep the reward scale from the asserted location. We’ve tested this method with a couple of hotspots and it does work. So you get a miner close to the city with many hotspots as witnesses, and you do it with a “1” reward scale.
So in conclusion: you are better off with a cheap data plan, and ignoring the “relayed” issue.
A 30Gb data plan a month here in Portugal is about 12 to 15 USD

Can I purchase the product now?

We are launching the product as a PRE-SALE starting on August 15th, and we will be shipping 4 to 6 weeks after that. Order will ship: first bought – first shipped.
We may ship some units prior to that date, as our production process speeds up.

As we all know about the supply shortage on Helium Hotspots, We are glad to inform we have all our parts are assured from our suppliers, so we wont be affected by current market chip shortage.

What about shipping?

We ship from Portugal to all over the World.

Several components on your SAHO enclosure are very heavy, like the battery and solar panel. We do provide DHL Express fast shipping worldwide, and their prices are beyond our control, but they do guarantee the integrity of your equipment.

If you would like for other shipping carrier, you can contact us, but we do not guarantee the quality of transport.

Can I return my purchase?

Every SAHO Enclosure is custom built to your needs and are under heavy demand. So for that reason, and per company policy, you can only cancel your order up to 24h of purchase. any problems you have with your order, please contact us directly and we are happy to help.


I need even more options on me SAHO Enclosure!

As a custom solutions company for more than 29 years, we are ready for your custom idea! Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen. For custom orders : orders@bevotech.com

Who are you guys?

Bevotech is a Portuguese Custom Solutions company with more than 29 of experience in innovative electronic  solutions deployed all around the world.

We are always on the lookout for the next big idea, and we are in love with the Helium Project so much that we had to contribute with our own SAHO Enclosure.

Check our institucional website (in Portuguese) at: http://bevotech.com

I have more questions!

Great! just join our Discord Channel and get the answers in real-time from our team.